R.Riveter x MSJDN Flash Sale

MSJDN is proud to present two exclusive MSJDN products! For court appearances and day trips and everything in between, grab the classic Wilson Tote in navy blue with MSJDN’s gorgeous new logo embroidered in gold and a special MSJDN leather support tag.

Already own and cherish an R.Riveter bag? Order just the leather support tag to show your MSJDN pride!

Supplies and time are limited! Submit your order for MSJDN products today through our events registration page:

Had your eye on something else from the R.Riveter catalog? We’ve got you covered with an exclusive 10% discount on any other item from R.Riveter. Just order through their site and use code MSJDN at checkout. R.Riveter will donate a portion of your purchase to MSJDN!

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