Idaho Recognizes Unique Challenges Facing Military Spouse Lawyers

The Idaho Supreme Court approved Idaho Bar Commission Rule 229, Military Spouse
Provisional Admission, providing for the admission of attorneys married to
servicemembers. This approval comes after overwhelming support by members of the
Idaho State Bar during its annual fall resolution process.

Rule 229 allows qualified attorneys married to servicemembers to apply for admission
without examination and without an experience requirement while in the State of Idaho
due to military orders. The Military Spouse JD Network (“MSJDN”) considers the
approval of this Rule as an acknowledgement by the Idaho legal community that
although military spouses are in the state only temporarily, they have skills and
experience to contribute to the local legal community and should be given the
opportunity to do so.

“Working on the rule change process in Idaho has been incredibly rewarding,” says
Kimberly Espinosa, Director of Idaho for the MSJDN. “By approving this Rule, the Idaho
State Bar and the legal community recognize the sacrifices military spouse attorneys
make as we move to a new jurisdiction every 2-3 years. This decision sends a clear
message that Idaho is a leading state in supporting our men and women in uniform and
their families.”

“It is great news for military spouses who support their families and country by service in
the military and the law. We are proud of [MSJDN’s] groundbreaking efforts,” said Reed
Larsen, President of the Idaho State Bar.

While Rule 229 has been approved by the Idaho Supreme Court, official adoption of the
Rule will not occur until the Court issues an order doing so, which is expected to be
released within the coming weeks.

The Military Spouse JD Network is dedicated to eliminating barriers to the practice of
law and making the legal profession a portable and viable career option for military

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