Last week, North Carolina’s Governor Bev Perdue signed a law reducing barriers for military spouses in licensed professions. See The White House Joining Forces and the Department of Defense campaign to address barriers for military spouses in licensed professions does not include attorney licensing. Celeste Boyd and Rachel Winkler, MSJDN leaders in North Carolina, licensed attorneys, and Army Spouses, have worked hard to bring the issue to the attention of the Governor’s office.

Governor Bev Perdue signed a letter of support for MSJDN’s efforts to amend the state’s attorney licensure rules to accommodate the unique needs of military spouse attorneys. The letter was sent to the Board of Law Examiners and the State Bar. A joint committee of the two organizations will review the current MSJDN proposal by the fall, and the MSJDN NC group is hopeful that Governor Perdue’s letter, which urges the Board and Bar to support “efforts to make the legal profession a portable and viable career option for military spouse attorneys,” will have a positive impact on the ultimate decision.
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