facebook-logoMSJDN has grown in amazing ways over the past eighteen months. We now have over 650 members scattered across the globe, we’ve received the support of numerous organizations, including the ABA and the Conference of Chief Justices. Our private, members-only Facebook group has always been a great forum for spouse-to-spouse conversation about everything from bar exam frustration to interview tips. But it’s time for us present our issues to the world — or at least to Facebook!

Our Facebook page, in addition to the blog and Twitter will help us keep both members and our supporters up to date on the most current MSJDN action. It will be a place where we can share articles and websites of interest to our members and supporters, and they can share the same with us. It will also be a great place for people to come to learn about our work. The private, members-only Facebook group will remain a safe place for members to chat, ask for employment advice and seek bar admission help.

You can find our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MilitarySpouseJDNetwork. We encourage bar associations, legal nonprofits, and all interested organizations to like our page!