MSJDN is seeking volunteers to fill three open positions in the organization.

Governance Director: Board member. Regularly review and update the board’s statement of roles and areas of responsibility, and define expectations from individual board members. Assists the board in formation of association documents and strategic plan. Leads in assessing current and anticipated needs related to board composition. Determines the knowledge, attributes, skills, abilities, influence, and access to resources the board will need to consider in order to accomplish future work of the organization. Responsible for the nomination of board members, creation of the process for selection, and leads the succession planning.

Membership Chair: Leadership Team. The Membership Chair is responsible for all activities involving the solicitation and maintenance of the active membership and performs various administrative and support duties for the organization. Specific duties include: maintenance of the master membership list in a spreadsheet program, sending welcome email to each new member, and assisting Board members as requested on special events.

Treasurer: Board Member. Works on formation documents of the organization, understand financial accounting for nonprofit organizations, serve as the chair of the Finance Committee, present the annual budget for Board approval, act as the liaison with outside accounting firm.

Please send resume with cover letter detailing experience and interest in the positions to Rachel Winkler, MSJDN Vice President,at no later than Friday, January 18th. Interviews will be conducted prior to January 31st and applicants will be notified by February 7th.