MOAA Spouse Advisory Council on the Hill

In addition to serving their country alongside their servicemember, attorney milspouses are also leaders and advocates for our military way of life. Five of the 12 members of MOAA’s Spouse Advisory Council are MSJDN members and attorney-spouses; Stephanie Cross, Mary Klumpp, Christina Zahara Noh, Renee Yniquez Cotton, and Katherine Bosma are currently serving on the 2012-2013 Spouse Advisory Council. MOAA looks to the Council to provide feedback on programs and policy efforts. On Jan. 28, members of the Council were briefed by the House Armed Serves Military Personnel Subcommittee Staff. 


MSJDN members meet at the MOAA Spouse Symposium in Tacoma

In addition, MSJDN members participated in the MOAA Spouse Symposium on Feb. 8 in Tacoma, WA. As part of the Program and Policy Panel, MOAA’s Deputy Director of Government Relations Karen Golden praised MSJDN for identifying the licensing challenge, banding together, and taking initiative to make a change for themselves & others. She encouraged other spouse groups to follow the example and do the same.