At MSJDN we’re always looking for ways to make law careers more portable for military spouses. Our legislative and governmental affairs teams work hard to work for you on the advocacy side of that coin. But sometimes real-world practical solutions are just as powerful.

MSJDN member Julie Heumphreus was featured on Military Spouse Portable Career Planning, in an article by Military Career Coach Stacy Swearengen. Here Julie lays out the challenges she experiences combining a law practice and military life, and explains her solution: a completely web-based law practice. Be sure to take a look on the Military Spouse Portable Career Planning website, and see how this MSJDN member is making her law degree and experience work. Click on the article below to read more.


Stacy Swearengen says that the goal of her website, Military Spouse Portable Career Planning, is to help military spouses think outside of the box so their careers will fit in one. “Whether entrepreneurship, traditional employment or contract work, we help military spouses figure out the best way for them to pack their careers. As the founder and sole coach, I believe that although military life may be unpredictable, our careers don’t have to be.”