Summer can be a relatively quiet time for military organizations: spouses deploy and return, families PCS or vacation, and Board Members take a little break. And for legal families it’s a double-whammy as bar exams are administered and firm social life takes an upswing. But at MSJDN, we aren’t slowing down! We’ve been busy and we thought we’d take this opportunity to wrap up what’s been going on. Every photo below is a link to the full feature article. Just click!

MSJDN participated in a series by Terri Barnes over at Stars & Stripes. In her “Spouse Calls” column she describes the expanding influence and expertise of military spouse organizations. We are honored she chose MSJDN as one of those groups that shows an expanding influence. It’s a great article and we encourage you to take a look. Terri has a way with words and connecting military groups for good! military spouse attorney lawyer

It’s not very often that your organization gets to be featured at a large organization like Facebook, but with the help of our friends over at Blue Star Families, MSJDN managed to do it! In their recent tip sheet for Veterans using Facebook to find jobs, Facebook asked us for information about how we use their social network to find jobs and make connections. The result of those conversations was a web show and a tip sheet with our brand all over it. Thanks Blue Star Families!


MSJDN was also the featured Military Support Organization over at Rheanna Christine’s popular military spouse website, “Cammo Style Love.”  As our number swell to over 800 now, it’s hard to believe there are more of us out there, but it turns out there are many, many more and we should keep telling people about our organization any time we get the chance. This is a great reminder to keep spreading the word as you enjoy your summer!

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Last but the most exciting, in case you didn’t hear all of the hub-bub, MSJDN has pushed through in the state of Illinois! Our Illinois lead and amazing lawyer Angela Allen was featured in this Peoria Public Radio spot, talking about how great our network is at doing just this: getting licensing laws changed in states across the country. Congratulations Illinois and thanks for all of your hard work MSJDNers. You are making a difference for yourselves, but even more so for those who come after you.

military spouse attorney lawyer

I think it’s safe to say our team has not been taking it easy this summer. Stay tuned. We’re excited to let you know all about the project we’ve been working on. News about that will be coming up in the next couple of weeks, so keep checking back for updates! Have a great summer, wherever your travels take you. And …