Numbers4As MSJDN continues to grow and develop as an organization, we are frequently asked to provide quantitative data about our members which we don’t have. We are often able to extrapolate data about military families from the Department of Defense and other sources, but for many of our purposes we feel that it’s simply not good enough.

MSJDN has put together a member survey, which you can access HERE. It takes approximately five minutes. Not only will it  help us collect information about who we are as a group, it will also help us to develop the programs you need, provide documentation requested by funding sources, and fortify our grassroots efforts to make your military life and career a compatible combination:

1. State by state licensing efforts–Every jurisdiction we approach asks us for data about our membership: How many of us are there? Where are we located? How many bars have we taken at what cost? How many of us are unemployed/underemployed due to licensing barriers? The more facts we present, the more weight there is behind our words.

2. Commission on Women in the Profession–MSJDN has been given the honor of appointing a liaison to the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Profession, giving us an incredible audience and an opportunity to garner tremendous support for our mission. The Commission wants to understand the unique challenges faced by military spouse attorneys, and we want to represent that challenge accurately.

3. Foundation Funding— Our Foundation, MSJDF, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, which means we are eligible to receive funding from other nonprofits or grant sources for our education and pro bono programs. We have a team of grant writers in need of more demographic data to support applications. The more data we offer, the higher the likelihood that we will be awarded grants that will help us be a resource to our members, and help members be a legal resource to our broader community.

As you can see, we’ve developed this short survey as a way to serve you. Please support military spouse attorneys across the world by taking just a few minutes out of your busy schedule.

Click here to take survey