Are you an attorney licensed in Tennessee, Virginia, New Hampshire, Texas, Delaware, or Massachusetts? We need your help!

As part of Justice for Military Families, a pro bono project from the Military Spouse JD Foundation, we’ve partnered with military family nonprofits to connect military families with free legal help. We currently have available six matters from six different states where you can help a military family. 

LOCATIONTennessee (between Knoxville and Chattanooga)
DESCRIPTION: Surviving spouse of a Vietnam Era Veteran seeks advisement regarding an inheritance belonging to her husband from his uncle’s estate, unknown to the family until after the husband’s passing. Second named beneficiary was client’s son, also deceased. Client is looking for advice or representation on how she may claim the inheritance.

LOCATION: Virginia (Norfolk)
SUBJECT MATTER: Probate of estate
DESCRIPTION: Client, surviving sister, is seeking legal assistance in the probate of her Navy corpsman brother’s estate to access bank accounts and stock investments. Brother was not married, biological parents are deceased, and client’s mother (who was granted guardianship when he was a minor, but not legal adoption) resides in the Philippines. 

LOCATION: New Hampshire (Weare)
SUBJECT MATTER: IRS lien/garnishment
DESCRIPTION: Request from surviving spouse of Weare, NH, for legal assistance or advice with an IRS lien and garnishment of Social Security. Client claims no documentation or knowledge as to why her benefits are being garnished.  

LOCATION: Texas (Copperas Cove)
SUBJECT MATTER: Gaining access to foreclosed home of deceased parent
DESCRIPTION: A surviving ex-wife is looking to get her children’s belongings of out of their deceased father’s (Army ret. 1SG) house, that has been foreclosed on by the bank. The bank is not providing access, and client needs a “Notice of Heirs” that should allow her into the property. Looking for assistance in drafting/filing such a document.

LOCATION: Delaware (Dover)
SUBJECT MATTER: allegation of military negligence
DESCRIPTION: Surviving father of a USMC Reservist who completed suicide requests legal assistance as he feels the USMC is ultimately responsible for his son’s death. Client is looking for advice and counsel on how he could address his concerns beyond his Casualty Assistance Call Officer (CACO) and the Command. USMC did not deem the Reservist’s death within the line of duty and attributed it to pre-existing medical disorders.

LOCATION: Massachusetts (Plymouth)
SUBJECT MATTER: Civil action to recoup loan
DESCRIPTION: Client, surviving spouse of an Army Sgt who was killed in Afghanistan in 2009 November 4, 2009, reached out requesting legal assistance recouping the funds for an approximate $14K for an automobile loan she made in 2013 from her ROTH-IRA account (opened under the HEART Act) pusuant to written agreements. 

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