JMF_ORANGE_squareMSJDN is working on compiling a grandparents visitation rights guide for TAPS. They have asked us for a guide for families of fallen servicemembers. Specifically, we want to address what the law says in each state about a grandparent’s right or standing to bring an action for visitation with their grandchild when their son/daughter has passed.

The ABA Family Law section has a great existing guide that outlines the general parameters and state of the law, but we’re looking to gather that information and perhaps go a little more in depth with: (1) citations to the law; (2) discussions about the standard for a judge to grant visitation; (3) whether there are any state pro se resources or forms; and so forth.

We have volunteers for AL, CA, CO, FL, KS, NJ, NY, OH, and TX. That means we have quite a few states to go. If you can help out in the other jurisdictions, please email as soon as possible.