Two years ago, Michelle Etchebarren decided it was time to take a step forward and make her dream of having her own business a reality. At the same time she was conceiving Attorneys in Motion, a special court appearance and per diem attorney service with a user-friendly, web-based platform that allows law firms to schedule appearances from anywhere at any time of day, Etchebarren received the Citizen Patriot Award from General Raymond T. Odierno at the Pentagon, issued to outstanding citizens to recognize individuals and organizations for supporting the military.

While at the award ceremony dinner, Etchebarren met with representatives from various agencies that work with veterans and military families. There, she first heard of the Military Spouse JD Network (“MSJDN”). She considered that a “life changing moment” and she was convinced that she would one day be in a position to help military spouses maintain and thrive in their legal career.

With Attorneys in Motion thriving, Etchebarren reached out to MSJDN President Rachel Winkler and asked how she could support military spouses with their employment needs. Winkler, Etchebarren and Amy Waller Apostol, MSJDN’s Homefront2Hired Committee Chair, brainstormed ways to encourage a relationship between Attorneys in Motion and MSJDN members. The answer is for MSJDN members to reach out to Etchebarren and make their availability for appearance assignments known, wherever they may be located.

Although Attorneys in Motion provides services throughout the United States, its five most active states are California, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida and New York. Attorneys in Motion frequently assists lawyers with appearance attorneys in general civil litigation, criminal matters, traffic ticket defense, unlawful detainer, collections/creditor actions, and bankruptcy. Even if you don’t live in one of these areas or practice in these fields of law, send your resumé and a cover letter identifying the types of cases in which you have experience, as well as where you are licensed to practice law to Etchebarren directly at m.etchebarren@attorneysinmotioninc.com and refer to “MSJDN member resume” in the subject line.

Etchebarren is excited to hire military spouses as appearance attorneys and she is also offering discounts for appearance services to MSJDN members.  Explore the website to learn more about what opportunities await you!