For several months, the MSJDN Board has been reviewing, revising, and updating its policies and procedures.  As part of that effort, the Board recently approved a new policy under which MSJDN will consider nominating MSJDN members, partners, and community supporters for awards.  President Rachel Winkler has constituted an ad hoc Committee to review nominations and make recommendations to the Board.  The full policy will be posted on the website.  If you would like to recommend that MSJDN nominate a member, supporter, or partner for an award, please send:

  1. A nomination justification statement;
  2. A link to the award or honor where the nomination will be submitted;
  3. Clear guidance regarding nomination instructions;
  4. A deadline for nomination submission; and
  5. A curriculum vitae as well as evidence of accomplishments

to  Any questions about the awards policy or process can also be directed to that address.  Please note that nothing in the awards policy impinges on the ability of MSJDN members to make any nominations in their individual capacities – this is just a route for MSJDN to make nominations from the organization itself.  If you are nominating a fellow member for an award, the Awards Committee has great sample language that describes MSJDN’s mission and successes that we are happy to share.

We know that MSJDN members are doing great things in their communities and for the profession.  When our members and partners are nominated for awards, they usually win!  Supporting members and partners raises the profile of MSJDN and helps us garner more support for licensing accommodations and military spouse employment generally.  So don’t be shy about nominating someone you know  — or yourself!