Looking for volunteer opportunities? As we kick off the new MSJDN year, we are looking for a few good men and women to continue to grow and develop the organization. Getting involved is a wonderful way to learn new skills and can help fill some of those pesky resumé gaps. Find something that interests you and get involved with MSJDN!

Newsletter Editor: Bars and Stripes is the bi-monthly MSJDN Newsletter that keeps members up to speed on all the MSJDN news. Work with the Communications Team and the Writers Corps to publish and distribute the newsletter. Please apply here no later than June 12th.

Pro Bono Intake Coordinator: Help with case intake for Justice for Military Families, our pro bono initiative that matches military families with free legal assistance from military spouse attorneys. Email josie.beets@msjdn.org if you are interested in this position.

Writers Corps: Corps members contribute regularly to MSJDN’s blog, newsletter, and other outlets as needed. These contributions include assigned content, as well as content developed by Corps members. Being published is a great resumé builder! Itching to write something other than a legal brief? Apply here no later than June 12th.

Justice for Military Families research: Help with the Grandparents Guides. Surviving parents of servicemembers sometimes feel like they are not allowed adequate access to their grandchildren after the death of their child/the parent to the children. The guides will educate surviving parents of servicemembers on their rights and standing to ask courts for visitation with those grandchildren. Email probono@msjdn.org if you are interested in assisting with research and drafting.


Communications: Put your social media skills to use to help keep members up to date on all the great things happening with MSJDN. Work with social media, the blog, event planning, publicity, and much more! Email communications@msjdn.org if you are looking for a good reason to be on Facebook!

Events: Help MSJDN members connect in real life and support our annual events across the country. Email events@msjdn.org to help organize, find sponsors, work out logistics, and much more!

Finance: If you can work magic with spreadsheets or have ever been called a financial wizard, we need you! Email finance@msjdn.org for more information.

Governance: The Governance committee is responsible for developing recommendations to the Board on collaborative programming, long range planning, and regular updates to MSJDN’s founding and governing documents. Email governance@msjdn.org to help sustain the future of the organization.

Government Relations: The Government Relations committee helps MSJDN advocate for legislation and policies to support licensing accommodations and employment opportunities for military spouses. Email reda.hicks@msjdn.org if you are interested in working in this area to advance the rights and benefits of military families.

Membership: Membership is the heart of MSJDN. This committee supports our mentoring program, webinars, discounts, the annual survey, and much MUCH more. Membership volunteers can help in a variety of areas, so if you want to help, but aren’t sure where, reach out to membership@msjdn.org for more information.

Pro Bono: The Pro Bono committee supports Justice for Military Families and matches military families with legal needs to free legal assistance. Email probono@msjdn.org to lend a hand to the military community.

State Licensing: MSJDN advocates for licensing accommodations for military spouses, including bar membership without additional examination. Each state’s supreme court and bar association sets its own rules regarding bar admission in that jurisdiction. Accordingly, we have adopted a state-by-state approach to our advocacy efforts. Email statelicensing@msjdn.org if you want to help change the rules!