Since 2011, MSJDN has experienced unprecedented growth and success. In just a few short years, we’ve expanded from two members to connect with over 1,000 military spouse attorneys and supporters around the globe. Our licensing accommodation efforts have resulted in rule change victories in 13 jurisdictions, with 14 others in the works. We’ve provided valuable career and development opportunities for our members, across the country and online. And we are just getting started!

MSJDN has made amazing progress with limited funding. Many of our members and leadership have invested not only their sweat equity but also made personal financial contributions in order to make these milestones happen. However, as MSJDN increases its reach, expands its programs, and continues to grow as a structured organization, sources of regular income are not only needed, they are required for further success.

To that end, MSJDN’s Board of Directors approved the adoption of annual membership dues in 2014. Dues are used to offset rising administrative costs, fund broader licensing and advocacy initiatives, and enable MSJDN to provide more quality programming and benefits to members, including:

  • Expanding regional educational and networking opportunities;
  • Maintaining an online membership directory and comprehensive website;
  • Collaborating to offer an annual membership information survey;
  • Maintaining online communities for the free-flow exchange of information, ideas, and job opportunities;
  • Establishing strong connections with leaders across the seven uniformed services, other military support organizations and within the private sector; and
  • Continuing and expanding rule change efforts to support the employability and continued practice of military spouse attorneys as they move with their service member spouses.

Annual dues are tiered, with the availability of discounted fees for non-profit, government, and unemployed/underemployed attorneys. Additionally, a supporting partner fee provides access to those without J.D. or military spouse status who wish to commit to the organization and its support of military families.

  • Private Sector: $75
  • Non-Profit/Public Law/Government: $50
  • Under-employed/Unemployed/Law Students: $25
  • Supporting Partner: $75

The MSJDN membership year lasts each year from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. If you paid your 2014-2015 annual dues, you were given the option for a recurring payment and your 2015-2016 dues will automatically be applied on the anniversary of your original payment. You must pay annually in order to continue to receive membership benefits through June 30, 2016, including MSJDN’s quarterly newsletter, participation in the members-only Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and access to MSJDN online community and benefits, including monthly webinars, the mentoring program, and more. If you did not select a recurring payment, you must log in to and pay your 2015-2016 dues to continue your membership.

Annual Membership Dues FAQ

Why should I join MSJDN? MSJDN is the largest network of military spouse legal professionals in the world. We’ve seen members obtain employment through our network, connect with each other personally and professionally in our forums, and build their resumes with volunteer work through our organization. Our members enjoy access to a rich assortment of benefits to help them become a better legal professional, overcome the obstacles associated with the military lifestyle, and connect with others facing similar challenges across the United States and around the world.

When is the membership year? MSJDN’s membership year runs July 2015-June 2016, July 2016-June 2017, and so forth.

How much does it cost to join MSJDN? MSJDN offers a tiered payment structure for members:

  • Private Sector: $75
  • Government/Non-profit: $50
  • Under-employed/Unemployed/Law Student: $25
  • Supporting Partner: $75

Am I eligible for a free or discounted membership? Individuals who are under-employed or unemployed are eligible for a discounted membership of $25 for the membership year. All membership dues are paid on the honor system.

Are my dues tax deductible? You should consult your tax professional for advice.  Generally, professional dues are not eligible charitable deductions. For many tax filings, dues may be eligible as business expense deductions.

How can I pay my dues? MSJDN dues must be paid in full once per year. If you paid on June 15, 2014, you will be automatically billed again on June 15, 2015, unless you opted out of a recurring subscription. In that case, you must log on at and use PayPal or a credit card. If you are a new member, simply go to the website and register to join. Email with questions.