The State Licensing Team is looking for military spouse attorneys and MSJDN members located in or with strong connections to Arkansas, Connecticut, Michigan, and Mississippi to lead state licensing efforts in those states. These are states where we already have strong contacts, but we need a MSJDNer to serve as State Director to coordinate efforts, engage stakeholders, and bring us our next victory!

The role of a State Director is to lead the effort to secure a licensing accommodation for military spouse attorneys in that state. You are expected to engage with local, specialty, and state bar associations, make presentations to interested groups, and build a consensus of support for a rule change within the legal and military communities. MSJDN has a vast library of best practices and strong materials to support your effort, as well as a track record of success in 17 jurisdictions with military spouse attorney licensing accommodations.

If you’re interested in becoming a State Director and leading efforts in one of the state listed above, email statelicensing@msjdn.org with your interest and an informal resume.

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