The Justice for Military Families Pro Bono Program provides attorney military spouses the opportunity to do meaningful legal work as volunteers. JMF works to support TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), while they support the families of fallen services members. Cases are initiated by the families of recently deceased service members and generally involve probate issues, military benefits, or family law issues, although the subject matter does vary. TAPS then refers eligible families to JMF, and volunteer military spouse attorneys provide legal assistance or help place the family’s case with an attorney in their network on a pro bono or reduced fee basis. To date, the program has helped over 45 surviving families with legal issues at their time of greatest need. Additionally, we have initiated a new project to create a library of statutory compilations. JMF committee members, along with the MSJDN community at large, will compile these documents preemptively and under the categories of law that we have identified as most relevant to the families that contact TAPS.

We have reorganized the committee structure and meetings will begin February/March following the new model. Now is your opportunity to get involved! Under a new set of expectations, committee members will commit to a one year term, will agree to actively accept cases when applicable to their license and subject matter expertise, and will agree to actively complete or update at least one statutory compilation during their year long term. These changes will allow for more active participation for MSJDN members who want to continue sharpening and utilizing their legal skills, regardless of their employment situation. The new role of committee members will encourage increased participation which in turn will improve our ability to find assistance for these families in their time of need.

The work MSJDN members are able to do through JMF helps to keep our legal skills active and strengthen our future employment possibilities while also serving those in need in the military community. Email Gabriela Nostro, Director of Justice for Military Families, at, along with a copy of your resume, to join the team! We look forward to it!

– Gabriela Nostro                  

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