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Military spouses who accompany their servicemembers to Oregon can now obtain a temporary license to practice law in the state under Rule for Admission of Attorneys 18.05. The new rule, which went in to effect on March 1, 2016, was initiated in 2013, when U.S. Navy Lieutenant Gabriel Bradley, a member of the Oregon State Bar and the spouse of a Military Spouse JD Network (MSJDN) member, presented a resolution calling for support of a military spouse attorney licensing rule to the State Bar’s House of Delegates. While that resolution failed to move forward due to the lack of a quorum, Lt. Bradley worked with the Board of Governors to place the item on their agenda. The MSJDN Model Rule was debated and a ultimately substantial portion was adopted by the Oregon Supreme Court, resulting in the current RFA 18.05 now in effect.

Lt. Bradley said, “My wife is a dedicated servant of the public interest, and the lawyer I admire most. It would be a terrible shame if her legal career were interrupted because of my military duties. I’m sure many of my fellow service members feel the same way, and I am proud that my home state of Oregon is joining the movement to help military spouses continue their legal careers.”

The new admission rule allows a military spouse attorney licensed in another state, in good standing in each jurisdiction where licensed, and living in Oregon due to a servicemember’s military orders to be licensed on a temporary basis while in the jurisdiction. The temporary permit is not limited in duration so long as the underlying requirements remain fulfilled. Attorneys admitted under this provision must complete 15 hours of continuing legal education on Oregon’s practice, procedures, and ethics within six months prior to or immediately following the filing of the application.

“This rule is significant for those who serve our country and their families,” said Eleanor Vuono, MSJDN President. “Oregon is setting the example of meaningful commitment to the military community through this licensing accommodation that helps reduce employment barriers for military spouses.”

MSJDN is grateful for the support of the Oregon State Bar and the efforts of Lt. Bradley. Military spouse attorneys around the globe celebrate the 18th jurisdiction to adopt a licensing accommodation!

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