Editor’s Note: MSJDN asked its members to help us spotlight employers going above and beyond for military spouse attorneys. Each employer in this series was nominated for the 2016 MSJDN Members’ Choice Award by members who told us in their own words about the awesomeness of their employers. MSJDN is thrilled to tell these stories as a way of expressing our gratitude for employers supporting military spouses as they build careers in the legal profession.

The MSJDN Members’ Choice Award recipient will be announced at MSJDN’s Annual Reception in Arlington, VA, on May 12th.

As most military spouses can attest, flexibility is key – in your home life, in your spouse’s career, and in your own career. As a military spouse attorney, finding an employer that is flexible, supportive, and innovative can be the key to maintaining a legal career through challenges like deployments and PCS (Permanent Change of Station) moves. MSJDN member Amber Venanzi is a fortunate military spouse attorney who has found such an employer in Metro Truck & Tractor Leasing, Inc., and she has nominated the company for the 2016 MSJDN Members’ Choice Award. This award recognizes and celebrates employers going above and beyond to support military spouse attorneys and their families through employment policies adaptive to the military lifestyle.

logoAmber describes her employer as extremely accommodating and notes that they have been open to retaining her as counsel even through PCS moves. In fact, Amber says that the company wants “to keep me on as long as physically possible,” and they have allowed the majority of her work to be done remotely. While Metro Truck & Tractor Leasing is a relatively small company in the national market, they are well known in the local DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Amber writes, “At a time when it was difficult to get anyone to even look at my resumé, they embraced it along with my diverse background and have supported my growth as an attorney.”

Metro Truck & Tractor Leasing continues to support Amber although she has relocated due to PCSing, displaying flexibility with her schedule and allowing her to work from home as needed. Amber says, “They hire a large portion of veterans but I am the first military spouse attorney they have hired. They did not do it for the accolades or notoriety. They did it because they liked my work.”

Through open-minded and accommodating policies, employers like Metro Truck & Tractor Leasing provide meaningful opportunities for military spouses to maintain their careers. MSJDN is pleased to recognize the well-deserved nomination of Metro Truck & Tractor Leasing, Inc. for the 2016 Members’ Choice Award!

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