Bliss Lawyers, a national secondment firm that hires top attorneys to work on high-level temporary engagements for its in-house legal department and law firm clients, is the newest firm to partner with the Military Spouse JD Network through its Homefront to Hired program. The partnership is a collaborative initiative whereby Bliss Lawyers will identify nationwide job opportunities for MSJDN members by leveraging the Bliss network and will work together to educate the legal industry about the challenges faced by career-minded military spouses and their families.

“Bliss Lawyers is delighted to partner with the Military Spouse JD Network to raise national awareness of the challenges faced by lawyers who are military spouses, and we look forward to identifying nationwide job opportunities for this pool of underemployed and unemployed lawyers,” remarked Bliss Lawyers’ Co-Founder and Managing Director, Suzie Scanlon Rabinowitz.  “The average length of an engagement with Bliss Lawyers is a year, which is compatible with the military lifestyle, and many of our positions can be performed remotely which is an excellent fit for lawyers who relocate every 18-24 months.”

“After discussing the challenges many MSJDN members face with Suzie, it became apparent that their business and placement model would pair really well with our members who are PCSing every two to three years and need opportunities that are in the twelve to eighteen month duration while in a specific location,” noted Alex Spisak, MSJDN Board Member and Chair of the Homefront to Hired Committee.  “We believe Bliss Law will be an incredible Homefront to Hired partner and look forward to a relationship benefiting military families.”

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