On March 7, 2019, the Utah Supreme Court adopted Rule 14-805, “Admission for spouse of active military stationed in Utah”. Rule 14-805 creates a mechanism for the admission of military spouse attorneys, including the issuance of a temporary certificate to practice while a military spouse law licensure application is pending. This outstanding move by the Supreme Court recognizes the unique mobility requirements of military families by granting a pathway to employment for attorney spouses of uniformed service members while on orders to the state.

To be eligible for admission under Rule 14-805, a military spouse applicant must reside in Utah with their active duty service member on orders. For military spouse applicants with less than two years of active practice when admitted must obtain a mentor and complete a New Lawyer Training Program. For military spouse applicants with less than two years of active practice who has not presented an MBE score above 134 or UBE score above 269 must be affiliated at all times with an active member of the Utah Bar in good standing, who has agreed to supervise the military spouse attorney and assume full responsibility for all matters handled by the military spouse attorney. The full text of the rule can be found here.

MSJDN applauds the progress demonstrated by Utah, which becomes the 36th jurisdiction to enact a military spouse attorney licensing accommodation. MSJDN also thanks Ray Quinney & Nebeker shareholder Paul C. Burke for his tireless advocacy on behalf of this effort, including raising crucial public awareness through publication in the Salt Lake Tribune, and his firm’s support over the past 4 years. “With adoption of Rule 14-805, Utah sends a clear message of support to our nation’s military and their families,” said MSJDN President Katherine Goyette.

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