I began my journey with MSJDN in 2011 after reading about two women in search of attorneys married to service members in my law school’s newsletter.  At that point, MSJDN was a group on Facebook looking for people with shared personal and professional experiences.  It is now 2019 and the organization has grown to become a leading professional organization supporting professional military spouses as they navigate the career field and the military life experience.  I am humbled and honored to be leading this dynamic organization as it continues to shape the landscape into the coming year.

The focus for this coming year is to build the way forward.  As an organization, MSJDN is unique because it is an example of professional military spouses coming together and changing the face and the perception of today’s military spouse.  In the legal community, MSJDN continues to enjoy a healthy membership base and to provide quality programs to enrich the lives of its own community.  On a broader scale, MSJDN members advocate for other professional military spouses in organizations such as NMFA, MFAN, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes program.

As we look towards the coming MSJDN year, I would like to thank those members of the Board who have completed their service.  Namely, Libby Jamison (Past President), Kelley Scrocca (Treasurer), Allison Chersicla (Events), Alex Spisak (Homefront to Hired), Tricia Petek (Pro Bono), and Leslie Walter (At-Large).  Each of you have contributed significantly towards the future of MSJDN through the development of your respective committees and projects – for that we are incredibly grateful.

MSJDN operates as an all-volunteer organization on all levels – from the committees up to and including the Board.  Our shared passion for advocacy makes MSJDN an exceptional model in the military spouse professional space to reduce licensing barriers, create meaningful opportunities, and provide a space for fellowship as we maneuver all aspects of the military lifestyle.  The incoming 2019-2020 Board promises to be dedicated and committed to MSJDN’s mission.  I am excited and eager to begin our work!