Since 2011, MSJDN has grown its membership, its mission, and its impact.  Whenever I am speaking to new contacts about MSJDN and I reveal that our membership consists of roughly 700 dues paying members, the response is surprisingly, “that’s about 600 more than I would have thought.”  MSJDN is constantly pushing the needle forward for military spouse attorneys with equal parts tenacity and perseverance.

In the beginning, MSJDN’s focus was heavily weighted toward State Licensing and passing law licensing accommodations for military spouse attorneys.  Recently, MSJDN celebrated the passing of a military spouse rule in Washington State after being told unequivocally, multiple times, that Washington State would not pass such a rule.  MSJDN is especially grateful to all of our members from, stationed, and/or licensed in Washington State who made the victory possible.

However, there is still much work to be done on the State Licensing front.  States with rules containing draconian supervision requirements are in desperate need of a temperature check from those who are impacted by the rules.  Also, while 37 states is an impressive number by any measure, 50 is clearly the goal.  There is always good work to be done by the good members of MSJDN in its advocacy efforts on behalf of military spouse attorneys.

MSJDN is here to support its mission and its members through professional opportunities. The State Licensing program is a great way to gain experience and to influence policy.  Please consider adding your time and talent to the State Licensing team.  Contact Karl Gerner, State Licensing Director, at, to add your voice and skill set to MSJDN state licensing efforts.  As the evidence suggests, when MSJDN members commit to a goal, there is no stopping us!