In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, I noticed a lot of my friends updating their daily status to reflect things, people, places, for which they are thankful.  While there are so many things to be thankful for, I thought I would share a few things about MSJDN for which I am thankful –

First, I am thankful for the opportunities MSJDN has given me to work outside my comfort zone.  In law school, the mantra of “network or NOT work” was prevalent and I was never comfortable in a room full of strangers looking to connect solely based on professional experience.  However, volunteering with MSJDN’s State Licensing Committee, gave me a deeper reason to not only connect with my professional peers, but to advocate for an issue I am passionate about.

Next, I am thankful for the continued professional development MSJDN has afforded to me over the past 8 years, as a member, a committee volunteer, and as a leader.  For its members, MSJDN provides quality programming geared towards the unique circumstances of military spouses.  As a committee volunteer, MSJDN provides the tools and resources to grow in advocacy and in building a wider professional network.  Equally, MSJDN’s leadership model encourages growth and change for both the organization and on an individual level.

Finally, I am most thankful for the friendships that I have developed with MSJDN members and non-members alike through our shared interest in advocating for professional military spouses.  In particular, as a virtual organization, MSJDN friendships crisscross the nation and span the globe.  It is as likely that an MSJDN meet-up will happen in Washington, D.C., as it is in Okinawa, Japan.  MSJDN provides the foundation and its members develop deep and cherished friendships, for this I am incredibly thankful and amazed.

In the coming weeks, MSJDN will be placing a call for nominations for the Board of Directors for the 2020-2021 MSJDN year.  I encourage all those with interest to consider applying and sharing the ways in which MSJDN has impacted their own personal and professional paths.  I am looking forward with much anticipation to see what the coming MSJDN year will bring.  Until then, I wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!