For military spouses, setting long term career goals can be difficult.  Finding meaningful employment might be a career goal that is just not possible due to your licensing or there might not be a market in your location.  However, making the most of the resources available to you can lead you to the next step in achieving a goal.

In 2013, my husband received orders to Orlando, Florida.  At that time, there was not a military spouse rule in effect, so I resigned myself to embracing the stay-at-home-mom life – that we lived in close proximity to Disney World helped with this resolution.

Recognizing that I lacked a Florida license, but still wanting to participate in some way in the profession, I joined the Central Florida Association of Women Lawyers (CFAWL).  Once a month, CFAWL hosts a luncheon in downtown Orlando and for a mere $20 (plus parking), I could have an adult lunch with women lawyers and be treated to insightful speakers.  This was amazing.

For my circumstances, becoming more involved in MSJDN and joining the local women’s bar association helped me to find purpose in a jurisdiction in which I could not practice law.  Building relationships at CFAWL helped me recognize the importance of networking as Florida considered a military spouse rule.  Learning to incorporate the journey as a specific factor into my planning process was invaluable.

As you consider your goals for the coming year, think about how MSJDN can contribute to your journey towards your goals.  The application is now open for the 2020-2021 Board of Directors, consider, which is a great opportunity to put your leadership skills into practice.  If leadership is not your next step, then volunteering on one of MSJDN’s committees is a great way to help grow your network and further your personal brand.  Whatever the goal, MSJDN wishes its member nothing but success in 2020!