In these days of required social distancing, I am so grateful for the MSJDN virtual community.  Unlike most bar associations, our members, for better or for worse, are pre-programmed to expect the unexpected.  Covid-19 has definitely changed business as usual and as military families, we are more than prepared to accept the challenge.

It is so great to see our virtual community come together in this time of crisis.  MSJDN members have found ways provide avenues to decompress through virtual roll calls and games.  Specifically, as some navigate through teleworking and homeschooling, finding ways to find humor and joy by sharing experiences have provided a sense of normalcy in a time of uncertainty.  Likewise, the virtual pub quiz was a great way to provide connection and stress relief as we navigate the new normal.

Further, as MSJDN rounds out its ninth year, it is important to acknowledge what we have achieved together.  There are now 39 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands that have licensing accommodations for military spouse attorneys.  Moreover, MSJDN continues to engage with public and private employers to share significant opportunities with MSJDN members. Also, MSJDN participates at the highest levels of discussion with respect to employment for military spouses across the public and the private sector, to include other non-legal professions.

Just like the adaptability of military families, MSJDN will continue to adapt to our changing environment.  I am so proud to be a part of this magnificent organization, including, its members, its leaders, and its founders.  I am confident that MSJDN will continue building the way forward for professional military spouses as we navigate the unknown and continue to shape the narrative for the better for military families.