As a way to support military families during this pandemic, MSJDN pledged $2,000 to match MSJDNer donations to their local food banks from mid-April through mid-May. MSJDNers responded and quickly donated over $3,000 to their local food banks, triggering MSJDN’s $2,000 donation to Feeding America.

Over the past month, including MSJDN’s $2,000, we have raised $5,445 for local food banks in our communities.  The donations are supporting food banks in 12 different states.

We want to thank our MSJDN community for supporting local food banks through all types of contributions, including multiple MSJDNers who wrote in telling us they manage food banks, volunteer at food banks, or were already financially supporting a food bank when the fundraiser started.  MSJDNers’ generosity is what makes MSJDN such a great organization to be a part of.