“I am forever thankful to have found this network.”

“Over the last several years of constant mil life uncertainty, so many of you wonderful folk have listened to me whine, inspired me, impressed me, consoled me, given me pep talks, and on and on.”

“[T]hank you all for your encouragement.”

The above quotes are just a few recent statements of praise our members have shared regarding Military Spouse JD Network. Among the many reasons I decided to volunteer for MSJDN were the camaraderie and support this organization provides. Balancing a legal career and life as a military spouse and mother in addition to serving in volunteer leadership positions is not without its challenges. However, I find my motivation in this inspiring community of military spouse attorneys. For us, our careers are important to our identity as we strive to maintain them despite the uncertainty of military life, which is why I think that we understand each other and encourage each other.

In addition, I am constantly amazed by our incredible leadership. I joined MSJDN in 2012 when MSJDN was in its infancy. Since that time, I have served on the pro bono committee and began my term as membership director in 2017. From there, I was honored to have been selected as president-elect. Over these past few years, I have been able to see “how the sausage is made” as the saying goes, and I have to say: it is not easy. Many people do not realize that this organization is truly an all volunteer-run organization. MSJDN would not have made the remarkable progress that it has made without the talents of its volunteers and leaders who are passionate about the mission of MSJDN. I would like to extend a special thanks to those Board members who are completing their terms on the MSJDN Board. I am also especially grateful for the leadership, mentorship, and friendship of immediate past president Karen Scanlan as well as past presidents Mary Reding, Eleanor Vuono, Libby Jamison, Josie Beets, and Rachel Winkler, among many others. Finally, I am beyond excited about our new Board. If you have not looked at their impressive backgrounds, please do. I am confident that this talented group of board members will continue to advance the mission of MSJDN and its service to military families.

Of course, I am aware that my year as president will not be without its challenges. Certainly, given the current COVID-19 pandemic, the events and initiatives of MSJDN may look a little different over this year and next. However, military spouses know the importance of resilience, and we are fortunate that MSJDN was already a “virtual” organization before such a thing became imperative. Our leadership and volunteers have persevered in developing programming to continue to meet the needs of our members in the face of this health crisis. Rest assured: MSJDN will continue to be here for you, and I hope that our members will continue to find the encouragement, support, and camaraderie that we have always felt from this inspiring group of military spouse attorneys.