Recent domestic events have highlighted that inequities still prevail in our communities and in our justice system. As a military spouse bar association, MSJDN is committed to the principle that all people deserve equal protection under the law. Our spouses don uniforms to protect this principle with their very lives, and as members of the legal profession, we have the responsibility to safeguard the law and to uphold fairness in the administration of justice. 

The recent tragic events in Minneapolis and elsewhere underscore the fact that great progress must still be made in this country to ensure equal justice for all. Our administration of justice can and must do better. Furthermore, it is undeniable that the eroded public trust in our justice system must be mended and strengthened. MSJDN, therefore, stands in solidarity with others across this nation in condemning police brutality and racial discrimination in our justice system and in our society as a whole.

As members of the military community, MSJDN is also deeply appreciative of the families of activated National Guard personnel who are working to ensure that individuals can safely exercise their constitutional right to assemble and to express their pleas for much-needed reform. Indeed, we, as attorneys, support the constitutional right of people to gather for peaceful protests so that their voices can be heard. 

During this time of turmoil, MSJDN remains committed to serving the needs of our diverse community of members and military families. We look forward to continuing the discussion on how we can better support those voices demanding equal justice for all.

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