Almost four years ago, MSJDN’s New Mexico State Rule Change Team filed proposed rule 15-301.3, “Military Spouse Attorney Limited License,” with the Supreme Court of New Mexico.  Proposed Rule MSJDN NM Almost four years later, the rule has still not received any commentary from the Court.  We are seeking support for the rule from the local New Mexico legal and military communities, as well as from the military spouse attorney community. A full report describing the proposed rule is available here.

We need your help to let New Mexico know that the proposed rule serves the needs of military families as well as the New Mexico legal and military communities! New Mexico is the only state in the Southwest that does not have a military spouse attorney licensure accommodation, and one of only two states in the western United States that has not yet passed an accommodation rule.

How can you help? E-mail Katherine Lee Goyette at with your thoughts and experiences to support our proposed New Mexico military spouse attorney law license accommodation rule!

  • Barred in New Mexico? Please include your status as a barred New Mexico attorney, along with your support for the rule.
  • Living in New Mexico? Share your story as a military spouse attorney or supporter of the military community and how a rule could help active duty military and their families.
  • Didn’t PCS to New Mexico because it didn’t have a law license accommodation? Please share your comments on how this affected both your military and legal lives.
  • Practicing elsewhere on a military spouse attorney license? If you are practicing on a military spouse license in another state and your employer would be willing to submit a comment about how awesome you are, we have a sample letter for your reference.

Share this story with your social networking communities (below) and ask them to submit a comment to in support of our proposed New Mexico temporary military spouse law license accommodation!