For military spouse attorneys stationed in New Hampshire, it has been a challenge to maintain a legal career during their family’s time in the jurisdiction due to the military lifestyle being incompatible with law licensing requirements.  However, thanks to a new policy recognizing the sacrifice of New Hampshire military families, these barriers to law practice are now reduced.

The New Hampshire Supreme Court recently announced a military spouse waiver policy, where “attorneys who are spouses of active military service personnel assigned to New Hampshire and wish to be licensed in New Hampshire while their spouses are stationed [in the state] may seek waiver of strict compliance with the duration of practice and reciprocity requirements of court rules governing admission by motion.”

The court considers requests for waiver of N.H. Supreme Court Rules 41(XI) (a)(1)(B) and (C)(ii), 42(XI)(b)(2), and 42(X)(c)(2).  All requests for waiver are considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on individual circumstances of the applicant.  In addition, military spouses of active duty servicemembers stationed in New Mexico who wish to take the New Hampshire bar, but missed the deadline to apply for the exam, can contact the Office of Bar Admissions for assistance.

With adoption of this policy, New Hampshire becomes the 42nd jurisdiction to adopt a military spouse licensing accommodation, joining other New England states Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.  MSJDN is appreciative of the support extended by the New Hampshire legal community leading to the adoption of this policy.