The Supreme Court of Iowa has enacted a military spouse attorney licensing policy as of September 2021. The following message appears online:

“The Supreme Court of Iowa recognizes the unique mobility requirements of military families who support the defense of our nation.  The court welcomes inquiries and applications for admission from attorney spouses of full-time active duty service members in the United States Uniformed Services who are stationed in Iowa.  The court and the Office of Professional Regulation are committed to working with these applicants to accommodate their unique circumstances and to expedite the bar application process to the extent possible.

Military spouse attorneys stationed in Iowa are encouraged to contact the Director of Admissions for the Office of Professional Regulation, Dan Saar, at 515-348-4670 or for information regarding the admissions process.  Spouses of full-time active duty service members assigned to Iowa who wish to take the Iowa bar examination but have missed a deadline to apply for the exam should also contact Dan Saar for assistance.”

MSJDN is appreciative of the initiative shown by the Supreme Court of Iowa and the Iowa Board of Bar Examiners.  Creating a path for the practice of law to be compatible with the military lifestyle sets an example for the entire legal profession.