Military Spouse J.D. Network Foundation (MSJDNF), the charitable arm of the Military Spouse J.D. Network, a national organization of military spouse attorneys, is launching the Justice for Military Families (JMF) Grant Program.  The program will provide grants to eligible clients of JMF, based on eligibility, financial need, and available funds, to pay for court filing fees. The Foundation’s existing program, JMF, assists Gold Star Families in finding low or pro bono legal representation and resources.

“The JMF Grant Program will be instrumental in helping Gold Star families. It increases Gold Star families’ access to judicial systems that is otherwise unattainable. Gold Star families are often required to wait years to settle a loved one’s estate or obtain judicial relief because the availability of legal services and court filing fees are cost prohibitive,” said Lyndsay M. Lujan, MSJDN President.

 “The expansion of the Justice for Military Families project to include a grant for court filing fees will fill a gap in legal support for Gold Star families in need of legal assistance but without the funds to file necessary documents in the applicable jurisdiction,” said Samantha A. Sliney, MSJDN Pro Bono Director. “This support will enable Justice for Military Families to continue to support Gold Star families as they navigate the legal obstacles experienced after the death of a loved one,” said Ms. Sliney.

“This grant program would not have been possible without the enduring support of the MSJDN Board of Directors, sponsors and dedicated Justice for Military Families volunteer, Ms. Heather Schallhorn, who single handedly worked to set this program in motion. I can’t thank Heather enough for her support to JMF and Gold Star families. I am excited for the continued expansion of Justice for Military Families and support to Gold Star families,” said Ms. Sliney.