Texas Attorneys: Comment Now to Support Remote Work in Texas!

The Texas Committee on Disciplinary Rules and Referenda will be hearing comments
concerning a rule change that supports remote work in their state without a Texas
license. In some states it is unclear when remote work constitutes the unauthorized
practice of law, but this rule change would make it clear that work for another client out
of state would not cause disciplinary concerns for those living and working remotely in
Texas. MSJDN is thrilled that this military-family friendly rule would even further
increase licensing portability for military spouse attorneys!

In 2013 Texas became the very first state to initiate a licensing accommodation policy
for military spouse attorneys, and this proposed rule change will further increase
accessibility for those employed in the Remote Practice of Law. If you are a Texas
attorney, please show your support for this rule change by filling out a comment HERE,
by April 11! A sample comment can be found HERE.

If you’re not a Texas lawyer but you know of a rule change that supports licensing
portability in your state, let us know so we can gather support and comment in favor of
these military-family friendly changes by contacting statelicensing@msjdn.org.