Homefront to Hired Committee

Liesel Stanhope

Homefront to Hired is an MSJDN initiative dedicated to helping military spouse attorneys find employment in the legal profession and put their law degrees to use. Homefront to Hired works with companies, firms, and other employers that recognize the challenges faced by military families and are committed to hiring
military spouse attorneys and matching MSJDN members with job opportunities. Many military spouse attorneys are eager to work but struggle with licensing issues and regular relocations. These spouses juggle families, deployments, and the nuances of a military lifestyle all while trying to advance their careers in the legal field. Volunteers are needed to help with outreach, job fairs, and much more.

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The Homefront to Hired Committee has been working hand-in-hand with MSJDN's Development Team in fostering relationships with corporate partners to host hiring webinars and other programs to place MSJDN members in meaningful employment.

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The Homefront to Hired Committee intends to develop a fellowship program in the future in partnership with corporate sponsors.

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