Executive Director Search

Position: Executive Director of the Military Spouse JD Network and the Military Spouse JD Network Foundation

Type: Part Time – Flexible Schedule: The Executive Director works a total of approximately 1,000 hours per year with an average of 20 hours per week (once the candidate is trained and in place). Depending upon program needs and productivity, there will be occasional increases and decreases in weekly hours. Two times per year (typically in July and October), the Executive Director will be expected to work additional hours to support MSJDN’s annual events: the Making the Right Moves professional conference and the annual reception. If held in-person, the events last 1-2 days and will require the Executive Director to travel to the event location somewhere in the United States, often the Washington, D.C. area. In addition, the Executive Director may be required to travel to one or two professional conferences each year, held in the United States or Canada.

Location: The position is fully remote.

Salary: Approximately $25,000 to $30,000 per year plus reimbursement for travel expenses. 

Summary: MSJDN is looking for an energetic, emotionally intelligent self-starter with management and communications experience. MSJDN’s Board of Directors (the Board) will consider candidates even if they do not currently possess every skill listed in this notice.

The Executive Director oversees the day-to-day management of both MSJDN and MSJDNF and plays a large role in engagement and outreach on behalf of the organizations. The Executive Director works under the guidance and authorization of the Board of Directors and supervises an administrative assistant responsible for a large range of administrative tasks. The Executive Director assists in the planning, direction, execution, and evaluation of MSJDN programs and services. The Executive Director represents MSJDN to its members, external stakeholders, vendors, and the general public. The Executive Director works independently in an office provided by the candidate. MSJDN provides all Cloud-based software required to fulfill the Executive Director’s responsibilities. 

For general information about the Military Spouse JD Network and the Military Spouse JD Network Foundation, visit msjdn.org.

Our Organization 

MSJDN is two organizations in one. The Military Spouse JD Network is a 501(c)(6) bar association which provides a network of support for law students, paralegals, and attorneys who face unique professional challenges as military spouses. The Military Spouse JD Network Foundation is MSJDN’s 501(c)(3) arm, which advocates for military spouses and the larger military community.

Our Mission

MSJDN supports military spouses in the legal profession by advocating for licensing accommodations for military spouse attorneys; educating the public about the challenges faced by career-minded military spouses and their families; encouraging the hiring of military spouses; and providing a network connecting military spouse attorneys with each other and their supporters.


Qualified applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from a four-year institution or equivalent experience. Experience with non-profit management, particularly a legal service organization, is preferred. A juris doctor or experience in the legal profession is a plus. 

Preferred Skills and Abilities 

MSJDN is looking for an energetic, emotionally intelligent self-starter with management and communications experience. The Board will consider candidates even if they do not currently possess every skill listed here:

  • Commitment to and demonstrated interest in MSJDN’s mission and military communities; 
  • Excellent organizational skills and project management experience; 
  • History of successful collaboration with colleagues and external partners; experience working with boards of directors, sponsors, volunteers, and committees; 
  • Experience supervising administrative staff;
  • Experience in development and relationship management;
  • Experience in designing and implementing strategic plans to achieve short- and long- term goals; 
  • Excellent written, oral communication, and social media skills; 
  • Ability to work and be productive independently and remotely; 
  • Technical skills, including proficiency with Microsoft Office and experience with QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online, WordPress, Canva, and member management software;
  • Experience with marketing; and
  • Availability to travel for events and conferences up to four times per year.

Major Responsibilities

  1. Operations
    1. Develop and maintain working knowledge of MSJDN’s programs in order to serve as the cement connecting Board members, MSJDN members, volunteers, and various committees.
    2. Master MSJDN’s cloud-based software applications, including Wild Apricot (membership/communications/events management), WordPress (website updates), Basecamp (project management), QuickBooks (financial reporting), etc.
    3. Monitor and manage incoming correspondence (from social media or email or website contact form); promptly respond or direct inquiries  to the appropriate Board member.
    4. Attend virtual Board meetings held quarterly; attend virtual committee meetings when needed. Participate in frequent conference calls with MSJDN’s sponsors, program partners, and vendors.
    5. Supervise MSJDN’s virtual administrative assistant and oversee their work. Step in to complete administrative tasks when needed.
    6. Communicate constantly with the Board in order to support committee work. Provide weekly email updates to the Board describing your accomplishments and ongoing work.
  2. Governance
    1. Assist with development of policies and procedures and oversee compliance.
    2. Assist Board in fulfilling mission and implementing strategic plan.
  3. Finances
    1. Assist treasurer with maintaining financial records, paying invoices, and producing financial reports. 
    2. Work with accountant for timely submission of financial data for annual tax filings.
  4. Programming
    1. Assist with all aspects of planning, promoting, and running events, including webinars and conferences.
    2. Assist with development of new programs and services to promote MSJDN’s mission.
  5. Communications
    1. Support communications committee with development of communications plan and schedule.
    2. Develop strategies to communicate MSJDN’s work and accomplishments to its members and partners.
  6. Membership
    1. Assist in developing and implementing strategies to sustain and expand membership and appeal to lapsed members.
    2. Develop and promote member benefits.
  7. Development
    1. Work with Development Director to maintain and strengthen relationships with MSJDN’s financial and programmatic partners.
    2. Assist in developing and implementing fundraising ideas.


The Executive Director compensation range is $25,000 to $30,000 depending on experience. Airfare, hotel, registration costs, and reasonable related expenses for required travel are reimbursed. Upon approval by the Board, a professional development stipend may also be provided. Work schedule and leave are flexible so long as the candidate is able to fulfill responsibilities and work the required 1,000 hours per year.


In order to be considered, the Application Package must be received by January 15, 2022 at 11:59 p.m., EST. The Application Package must include:

  1. A cover letter explaining your interest in MSJDN, how your previous experience makes you a good candidate for the Executive Director position, and how your previous experience will help MSJDN achieve its mission; 
  1. A detailed resume or curriculum vitae;
  1. A non-legal writing sample (no more than two pages). We encourage you to submit a writing sample that would be relevant to your duties as MSJDN’s Executive Director (for example, an executive summary for a grant proposal, letter to sponsors, social media campaign posts, blog article, etc.); and 
  1. Contact information for three references. 

Please submit the completed Application Package as a single PDF file to president@msjdn.org. Please list “[Applicant’s Full Name] Executive Director Application” in the subject line. Early applications are encouraged. 

MSJDN’s executive search committee will review all applications and schedule interviews to be held in late January 2022. The chosen candidate will begin work in February 2022.