As details continue to emerge concerning the killing of Tyre Nichols, MSJDN wants to reiterate our commitment to the basic tenets of our profession and our role in condemning actions that grossly violate the rule of law and civility. 

As a bar association with the mission to improve the lives of military families from all racial and ethnic backgrounds, we recognize our unique role in advocating for military families who have no choice in where they live or the communities that they will join and thus no way to predict any bias, xenophobia or racism they may encounter.

As then-ABA president Judy Perry Martinez stated after the killing of George Floyd, “Our society and the safety of the people who comprise it — citizens and law enforcement — rely on the rule of law. But the law must be fairly applied and enforced. All citizens need to have faith that our justice system is fair, and our laws are applied equitably.” Moreover, citizens should not have to fear encounters with law enforcement, especially during routine traffic stops. MSJDN therefore continues to stand in solidarity with others across this nation in condemning police brutality.

Here, the disregard for human life and dignity, as well as the inaction of others, especially those charged with duties to protect and to render aid, is particularly disturbing and unacceptable.​​ 

While MSJDN is thankful that administrative and criminal investigations have already resulted in disciplinary action and criminal charges against those involved, the violence should not have occurred. 

If you want to become involved in work dedicated to strengthening the rule of law in our profession and our military community, please do not hesitate to reach out to our DEIA Director, Tekey Wallace at