Happy Holidays from Lindsey Savage, Membership Chair, and the entire membership committee. We have been hard at work to identify and secure valuable membership benefits for you and are excited to share what’s coming in 2015:
ABA Discount: Be on the lookout for the special MSJDN member rate coming soon – we will have a discount code for our members to take advantage of a significant discount on an ABA membership.  If you have recently paid your dues, you may be eligible for a partial refund – email membership@msjdn.org to find out more.
Mentoring Program: We are launching our mentoring program for 2015 and hope you will sign up as a mentor or mentee! We will be posting more information and the application in early December and plan to match groups in January. Check the facebook page or email mentoring@msjdn.org to find out more.
Webinars: We are launching a series of webinars on topics important to our members – if you can speak on a particular topic, or would like to suggest a topic for us to produce, please let us know!
Outline Bank: Hang on to your recent (2011+) law school/bar outlines!!  If you received a B+ or better and created your own outline for a course, we’d love to include it on our MSJDN outline bank, which will provide valuable resources for law students and members as they move between states.
Local meetups: Local holiday inspired meetups are planned across the nation – check our website to find one near you!
We are working on some great discounts and benefits from vendors and welcome your suggestions.  Please join the conversations on our private facebook page and continue to let us know how we can best serve you!