by Kari-lynn Wenciker

MSJDN proudly reports that our licensing efforts are continuing to find success across the country. After recent rule changes in Oklahoma and New York (making it 12 states with military spouse specific accommodations), our efforts continue in over 10 states, including Tennessee and California.

With the outstanding leadership of MSJDN Board member Josie Beets, the proposed rule change has been rolling through the Tennessee legal community and gaining support along the way. Most recently, Ms. Beets presented to the Tennessee Board of Law Examiners on both the mechanics and the basis for the rule. As a result, letters of support have been coming in to the BLE from local attorneys who are supportive of the rule accommodation, including one from the Nashville Bar Association’s Veterans Committee with signatures from 45 military veteran attorneys. We are optimistic that we will see a rule change in the coming year.

Additionally, MSJDN’s efforts in California have seen a renewed energy thanks to new state directors, Stephanie Halford and Kelly Wilson. Recent activity includes support from the San Diego County Bar Association with the potential of gaining the backing of the entire Conference of California Bar Associations. This is a significant step in gaining the support necessary to pass a licensing accommodation in California.

Other states are making great headway as well and we look forward to proudly sharing those accomplishments in the coming months. If you would like more information on MSJDN’s rule change efforts, contact the State Rule Change Director Kari-lynn Wenciker at or 206-683-1722.