The Military Spouse JD Network (MSJDN) is thrilled to announce that Prudential Financial, Inc. is our newest Homefront to Hired partner. Prudential, headquartered in Newark, NJ, is one of the world’s largest financial institutions with about 47,000 employees in 41 countries, including a robust legal, compliance and business ethics staff. Prudential is also a recognized leader in addressing employment challenges faced by military veterans and military spouses.   Approximately five years agCopy-of-Add-text-300x225 2o, Prudential created an Office of Veterans Initiatives to coordinate and expand what the company does to recruit, train, employ and promote talented veterans and military spouses. Joining Homefront to Hired now extends that support to military spouse attorneys.

Prudential recognizes that the frequent relocations that are part of the military lifestyle often results in burdensome re-licensing requirements that become barriers to employment for military spouse attorneys. In a survey of MSJDN members, 80% of the people who responded said that their spouse’s military service has negatively affected their own career; 50% felt they had no option but to live separately from their spouse in order to maintain their legal career; and almost 30% could not find a job after their latest relocation due to military orders. Employers like Prudential who look at the story behind the résumé are critical to successfully reduce the number of military families living apart so that the spouse can maintain her or his career in the legal profession.

One goal of the Office of Veterans Initiatives at Prudential was to provide a format that is adaptable or adoptable by other corporations who are interested in making a powerful difference in the lives of military veterans, active service members and their families.  And in 2014, Prudential opened a Business & Technology Solutions center in El Paso, Texas, the location of Fort Bliss, one of the largest military installations in the country, and the home of about 48,000 veterans who, along with military spouses, could be recruited to build careers in the civilian workplace.

As part of the pilot program with MSJDN, Prudential is seeking corporate counsel with ten years of experience. See the full job listing here. If you are interested, please email your resume to immediately for consideration.

Homefront to Hired is a MSJDN initiative that connects firms and organizations committed to supporting military families with qualified military spouse attorney applicants. For more information on how to support military spouse attorneys in the workplace, email