Homefront Rising is a non-partisan initiative that encourages and trains military spouses to speak up and get involved in the political process through advocacy and public service. In advance of the annual conference in May 2021, we are excited to launch a virtual chat series to help build “Your Military Spouse Cabinet.” Join Homefront Rising to hear from military spouses and experts about how to advance your public service leadership, whether that is running in the next election cycle, obtaining an appointment or a policy position, or working as an advocate.

Our first guest on November 13th is Tatiana Matta, a 2014 alum of Homefront Rising and 2018 Congressional candidate. Most recently, Tatiana served as National Latino Advisor for the Biden campaign. She is also a proud U.S. Air Force spouse. This session will focus on campaigning and running for office as a military spouse, and will include the launch of the Military Spouse’s Guide to Running for Office. Register for the event here.

The second event in the series on November 30th features Lindsay Rodman, Executive Director of the Leadership Council for Women in National Security. Lindsay is an attorney and U.S. Marine who continues to serve in the Reserves. She is also the proud spouse of a Royal Canadian Air Force veteran. This session will focus on appointments and public service. Register for the event here.

Stay tuned for additional announcements of future speakers and sessions!

The mission of Homefront Rising is to empower members of the military community to make positive change for military families and our greater communities. We are adept at calling on Congress and our elected officials to demand that they meet the needs of those who serve. But we also need members of our own community among the elected officials making decisions that affect it and our country as a whole. It will no longer just be “call your representative” – military spouses will be the representatives! Through education, training, and support, Homefront Rising helps empower military spouses from all sides of the aisle to take the skills learned on the homefront to Capitol Hill, city hall, and state houses across this country. Join us for this new series to build “Your Military Spouse Cabinet” and advance your journey to public service leadership.

MSJDN is a non-partisan organization and does not endorse any party or candidate.